Trampoline and Tumbling

Jumping on trampoline is such an exhilarating experience that it has been said by a former trampoline champion that it is virtually impossible to jump trampoline and be depressed at the same time.  And everyone has heard the expression “Jumping for joy!”  At Unique Sports Academy we offer the thrill of the sport of trampoline to those who dare in a safe environment that challenges limits and promotes health, athletic development and personal growth.  Jumping trampoline is the single best way to develop “air-sense” or body awareness in space, which is useful in any other sport, and in normal daily activities as well.  One of the most basic fears is that of height and falling.  Trampoline training builds body control and confidence that will help us to navigate many physical obstacles in life.

Trampoline and Tumbling (T & T) is a USA Gymnastics sanctioned sport that includes high-flying acrobatic skills. Unique Sports Academy is proud to have a competitive T & T program that has produced National Finalists in trampoline, tumbling and double-mini trampoline. 

There are 4 events:

Individual trampoline
Synchronized trampoline (a pair of athletes performing routines in tandem, double the pleasure, double the fun!)
Power tumbling
Double-mini trampoline

For individual trampoline, a competitive routine is comprised of a set of 10 consecutive non-repeating skills .  It is judged like artistic gymnastics by execution, degree of difficulty, and additionally by height of jumping.  It is similar to diving, but the athlete must perform not one dive, but 10 consecutive dives in a row, meaning each dive must be landed perfectly to continue to the next move!

Synchronized trampoline is like individual trampoline, but done by 2 athletes in tandem on trampolines set side-by-side.  It is truly a team event as the athletes must adjust to one another to perform their aerial dance in time with their partner.  It is judged by the same criteria as individual trampoline, but with the added challenge of requiring synchronicity, and that is given it’s own score.

Power tumbling is a very dynamic event, with 8 skill routines that require traveling the length of an 88-food rod floor.  Great speed and strength are required for this event that showcase handsprings, whips, and flips.  Elite athletes are performing bounding flips with numerous twists and saltos, sometimes 3 saltos in one jump!

Double-mini trampoline combines horizontal travel, like power tumbling, with vertical travel, like traditional trampoline.  Athletes run full speed toward a 2-sided trampoline like a vault to mount one skill that connects to a second dismounting skill on the back side of the mini trampoline.  It is a great tool for learning new skills for trampoline and for learning dismounts for power tumbling.

Unique Sports offers one more ‘Unique’ event, which is more of a performance, circus or “extreme” event called Tramp Wall.  We have built an 11-foot wall with 2 levels, the first level having 3 windows where our acrobats are learning to literally live on the edge and ‘live life off the wall’.  It is a rapidly growing phenomenon around the world and has been a spectacle in our own gym.  It is perhaps one the most thrilling experiences we offer and it is a demonstration that we do not have to fear heights and can even master the effects of our Mother  Earth’s gravity on our bodies and in this way find freedom of movement and expression.

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Wall Tramp

Wall Trampoline is a vertigo-inducing activity and a training program for the circus arts. Part gymnastics and part parkour it is a rapidly growing “Extreme Sport.” Beginner or expert, this sport is sure to give you an “OFF THE WALL” ADRENALINE RUSH!

Tumbl Trak

Our in-ground Tumbl Trak is a excellent training tool for gymnasts and cheerleaders.  It is hard to resist the extra bounce!