Frequently Asked Questions



1. What should my child wear/bring to classes? 

Girls: Leotard OR athletic shorts/leggings with a snug fitting t-shirt or tank top. No shoes or socks required.

Boys: Athletic shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. No shoes or socks required.

No large jewelry is permitted on the floor.


2. What happens if we miss a class?

If a class is missed due to illness or other reasons, ONE make-up per session is allowed provided there is space available in the class. Make ups must be scheduled through the front desk or the payment office as soon as possible, prior to the day of the class. If you are unable to attend one of the available make up classes, you may receive ONE free Saturday Open Gym Pass.


3. What if I need to withdraw from the session? 

If you wish to drop the class and be considered for a credit to account, you must notify the front desk or payment office as soon as possible. Refunds are considered on a case by case basis for circumstances such as injury, family emergencies, etc. You can email for withdrawal notices or questions.


4. I have a complaint. Who should I talk to?

All complaints will be written and given to the Director of the recreational program. You can find the paper at the front desk or in the payment office. We will take your complaint and you may be contacted to further discuss the issue so that we may resolve it properly.


5.  My child is new and I just want to try the class. Is that possible?

Yes! For new members only, we offer ONE free trial class, provided there is space available. All trial requests will need to go through the front desk.


6. When is registration for the session? 

Registration for the upcoming session is typically open two weeks before the session begins. You can register through the Parent Portal (recommended) or at the Front Desk. Registration for the session is never closed, so you may join at any point throughout the session, provided space is available. The cost will be pro-rated based on how many classes are remaining in the session.


7. How can I pay for the classes? 

Payment for classes can be made at the front desk, in the payment office, or through the Parent Portal. Payment is to be made in full at the time of enrollment.


8. How do I know which class to place my child? 

If you are unsure of the skill level of your child or need guidance in choosing a class, please schedule an evaluation to ensure proper placement in the classes. To schedule an evaluation, please contact Casey Lipshaw at


9. How does my child move up?

Our coaches follow a strict evaluation criteria. At the middle of each session and the end of each session, your child should receive a progress report. On the end of session progress report, the recommended class for the next session should be indicated. If your child does not master all of the skills required for their current level, they will not be recommended for the next level.

Placements are not set in stone for the entirety of a session. If your child acquires all of the skills needed to move up, they will be recommended to move up at that time. Likewise, if your child is lacking skills needed for the level they are signed up for, it will be recommended that they move down a level until they are stronger in the skills required. We follow strict evaluation criteria to ensure the safety of all of the children as well as ideal learning conditions for everyone to participate.


10. Do I have to stay for the class?

Parents do not need to stay for the class unless parent participation is required or recommended (Mommy & Me/Tots). Parents need to be back prior to the class end time, but are not required to stay for the class.

It is imperative that parents park their cars in a parking spot and escort their children into the building and out of the building as the parking lot can be hectic during high volume time periods.

If you choose to stay, there is seating available in the upstairs loft as well as the downstairs bleachers.



 If you still have questions, please email or call us at 301-396-4934 and we will be happy to assist you.