Our Story

In 2007, we opened the doors to Unique Sports Academy, the largest facility of its kind in the state.   Our 25,000 square foot home was previously a bowling alley in Charles County that served as local hang out.  Prior to our current location, we were training athletes in school cafeterias, rented spaces, and storefronts.  It has always been our mission to create a place that not only provided high quality training in different athletic disciplines, but helped athletes excel and become better people.  Our location has changed to accommodate our growth but our mission never has.

Before we were Maryland Twisters (2011), we were Southern Maryland Superstarz under Lisa Shaw with two small teams and several strips of cheer floor. We trained wherever we could find the space. As the program grew so did our need for a new training facility.   Our teams have been incredibly successful over the years earning numerous National Titles and Worlds Bids.  That same coaching staff we had in the storefront days makes up most of the staff we have now.

Our gymnastics program began under Joe Taglisferi. He has been training gymnasts for the better part of 20 years.  Despite moves and changes, many of the gymnasts have remained loyal to our program and our philosophy. We have a program that produces high quality gymnasts, many of whom have earned scholarships to college. In fact, since 2007, we have had level 10 gymnasts qualify for the Junior Olympic Nationals every year.

Most of the families and staff we have today have been on this journey with us over the years.  We have had countless athletes come through our doors.  Those same athletes who go on to college as competitive gymnasts or competitive cheerleaders come back to visit us.  They often end up coaching the next generation at Unique.

We offer recreational classes, competitive gymnastics, competitive cheerleading, T & T (Trampoline & Tumbling), baseball, and parkour classes.  If you come by on a week night you will find the gym full of bustling activities, fun, and hard working athletes of all calibers. We are glad you have chosen to join our family. Whether you are here for the first time or have been part of the fabric of this place, you are part of our family. At Unique we believe we are One Gym. One Family.