Post Exercise Eating

One of the most important meals you eat may not be breakfast after all, but the one immediately following your training session.  No one really considers the importance of timing food consumption after a workout or training session. The ideal window of time to replenish food stores is about 30 minutes post workout.


In an article entitled “Eating to Recover: How and What to Eat Post Workout” by Brad Sly, the author states that the body’s cells are most receptive to recovery and replenishment immediately following a workout. He further explains that stage one of recovery occurs within 30 minutes and the second stage occurs two hours post workout. So what does this mean?


During a workout, your body uses glycogen.  Glycogen is the stored form of carbohydrates and supplies the body with energy.  It is essential to replenish carbohydrate stores (approximately half of your body weight in grams) after depleting them during a workout. Your body also breaks down muscle tissue and rebuilds new tissue during the recovery process. Consuming 20 grams of protein is recommended.


So next time you finish practice or a workout session, make sure you get some quality nutrition sooner rather than later.  Replenishing your energy stores will improve workout performance and muscle rebuilding.


Lisa Eichelberger

NASM Personal Trainer

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