Post Exercise Eating

One of the most important meals you eat may not be breakfast after all, but the one immediately following your training session.  No one really considers the importance of timing food consumption after a workout or training session. The ideal window of time to replenish food stores is about 30 minutes post workout.   In an … Continued

“I’m a New Cheer Mom, Help!”

    By this point in the season, some of you might be throwing up your hands saying, “Help! I have no idea what I am doing.”  In fact, if you are new to competitive cheerleading, you are probably wondering what you signed up for.  There are competition fees, various uniforms, humungous bows, practice wear, choreography … Continued

Staying Hydrated in the Heat

Summer training is in full swing now. As temperatures are rising outside and even in the gym, make sure you are staying hydrated. After all, our bodies are made up of 80% water.   Before you begin any sort of practice or training, make sure you are properly hydrated.  Check the color of your urine … Continued

Teri Diamond takes a Coaching Position at Rutgers University

  If you don’t know Teri Diamond, you are missing out on knowing a remarkable young lady.  She excels at whatever she does and has a pretty remarkable list of accolades to prove it.  Teri was a competitve gymnast at Hill’s Gymnastics (home to several Olympic gymnasts and Hall of Fame Coach Kelli Hill).  While … Continued

Marathon Gymnast

Every now and then we come across great reads posted by others on the same journey as us.  Recently, we discovered a great blog that captures an aspect of the sport that so many parents (and athletes alike) can relate to.  It was such a great reminder to our staff that we thought we would post … Continued

Why Should My Preschooler Do Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive sports one could participate in.  The benefits of taking a gymnastics class, especially for preschoolers, supersedes the specific skills your child will acquire. Forget about whether or not your child is a prodigy or the next Olympic gymnasts.  Taking a class helps your child develop both socially and physically. … Continued

Obesity surge linked to sugar and carbs, not lack of physical activity

There is a common assumption that you can out-train a bad diet.  I have had countless conversation with individuals who were convinced that as long as they exercised, they can eat whatever they want and still assume the physique and health status they desire. This couldn’t be further from the truth! You cannot workout hard … Continued

Athlete Spotlight: Katie Czsyz

“I don’t expect perfection. What I do expect, are continuous incremental changes–every day, every choice, every repetition–that are going to move me closer to my goals.” – Elisabeth Akinwale (4 time Crossfit Games Athlete & former gymnast) These words, as a coach, are the epitome of what we want from our athletes. For our gymnasts … Continued

Waldorf Wears Teal

Over the years, we have built our cheer program with excellence. With each season, we have grown in skill, knowledge, talent, and deepened as individuals, athletes, teams, a staff, and a gym. It is with great pride that we get to share a new dream in our heart with you…the start of Champion Athletics.   “What does it take … Continued

All-Star Cheer Tryouts 2015-2016

Unique Sports Academy (USA) will be holding their competitive cheerleading try-outs and clinics on the following dates. We are very excited to work with your athlete and help them achieve their goals. Look for more up to date and exciting cheer information: our new colors, program name, summer schedule, summer camps etc….. May Cheer Clinics: … Continued